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Our Story

Our Core Values

Spike exists to enhance and invigorate guest experiences with custom lighting pieces that break the mold and refine atmospheres. We illuminate the extraordinary, helping property owners within the high end hospitality industry bring grand visions to life.

Our Mission

We illuminate distinguished hospitality spaces with stunning custom lighting solutions that transform inspired visions into exquisite realities.

Perfection is a Process

From conception to installation, we pay great attention to detail at each stage in our process. 
Our holistic approach ensures that we provide the highest level of service, 100% of the time.



Based on your specifications, we provide a comprehensive timeline for pricing and production.


Design Development

We create the design that will enable our team to make your vision for your space a reality.


CAD Drawing & Engineering

To ensure efficient production and safe installation, we create detailed shop drawings, support point information, and installation instructions.


Finish Selection

We source and test custom finishes to match the intent of each design, whether it is metal, glass, resin, or any other material.



As an optional add-on to the normal scope of work, we can fabricate one sample to install in a model room for approval.



Our trusted craftsmen fabricate each component to produce the custom light fixture.


Project Management & Timeline Management

Regular communication with the client is maintained throughout the process, ensuring that solutions are provided for any concerns as they arise and that the project is completed on time and within budget.



Our team assembles each light fixture, ensuring that every custom piece is crafted to our highest standards.



We guarantee that each light fixture we install is functional and safe prior to leaving the project site.



To assure that nothing is damaged during shipment, we build custom crates on site.



Our trained professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to each installation, ensuring that each fixture is assembled and installed correctly.


Our Team

For us, illumination is not just a job; it’s a passion we’re proud to pursue together as our life’s calling. So when we start our work day, we show up with all we’ve got. Spike’s team is proof positive that when the best and brightest come together in collaboration, incredible feats are achieved.

Aaron Sperling

Rafael Shope

Norma Robles

Sheena Lozada

John Garcia

Monique White

Michelle Estrada

Jonas Lazo

Chris Glass

Jorge De Casas

Bryce Carter